Sesquicentennial Celebration Planning Begins at OHS


November 15 and 16 saw Michael and Tom leading a workshop with Marsha Mathews, Director of Public Services, staff and experts from around the state at the Oregon Historical Society to determine the thematic blueprint and how to extend the Oregon My Oregon exhibit into the 20th and 21st century. George L. Vogt, Executive Director communicated his vision before sleeves were rolled up and brows furrowed as participants plunged into issues and discussions around the new exhibit. Exhibit Curator, Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham was joined by Bill Willingham, Corps of Engineers; Roberta Connor, Director, Tamastslikt Cultural Institute; Randy Gregg, Editor-in-Chief, Portland Spaces; Chet Orloff, Past Director, OHS; Steve Forrester, newspaper publisher, Astoria; Jerry Hudson, OHS Board Member; Jackie Peterson, WSU Professor, OHS Board Member; Ernesto Gamboa, University of Washington and Bob Boyd, Curator, High Desert Museum.

And yes, your humble scribes explored the further reaches of Powell’s bookshelves and sampled the extraordinary collections of the Portland Art Museum. We highly recommend a visit to the beautifully presented OHS temporary exhibit The GI Dream: Family, Home, Peace & Prosperity, for a glimpse into a world of not so long ago, that is influencing contemporary design today.