The week of November 5th found Bianca, Tom and Michael enjoying the welcoming hospitality of the Jackson Hole Historical Society.

We plunged into invigorating and enjoyable sessions with the Museum’s staff, Executive Director, Lokey Lytjen, and key staff Karen Reinhart, Linda Franklin, and Shannon Sullivan along with board members Joe Albright and Marilynn Mullikin. The community was consulted and the ‘experts’ listened to, the old-timers, youth, museum volunteers, board members and humanities scholars from around the state. These voices will shape the intent and contents of the proposed new museum.

We presented to museum staff two exhibit concepts incorporating information gleaned from previous sessions, including iconic or significant artifacts, each designed to fit the footprint devised by Charles Rose Architects Inc. The museum will utilize LEED principles in a recycled structure with both interior and exterior exhibits.

Downtown Jackson

Thanks to Lokey for driving us around the valley and allowing us to “feel” and feast our eyes on the land, the air, the quietness, and the jaw-dropping grandeur of the vistas as the setting sun painted the mountains and the clouds.