We've Moved!


After 15 years of creating and telling people’s stories from our offices in Market Square we are thrilled to announce that we have officially moved to 1183 Fort Street!

Our new space is located near the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and has a wonderful tranquil feeling about it—it exudes creativity!

Working on projects while packing could have been a real challenge if it were not for additional help we received from family and friends to help us paint our new space and pack up our old!

Huge thanks to Yvette and Karen for their help painting, and to Alison for her help packing our entire finishes library plus numerous other files!  Also big thanks to Danté for his help moving boxes and painting, and Dan for your help moving some boxes too!  Irma jumped in and packed, cleaned and helped load boxes—Thank you Irma!  Laura, thank you for helping set up each workstation and clean furniture over the weekend!  You are wonderful!  Owen, thank you for doing your programming guru thang and setting up our admin computer to run more efficiently! Thank you to our founders, Jean Jacques and Joan, for all their support and words of wisdom through the move—you are both inspirational! …and Bill, thank you SO much for your steadfast encouragement, hauling, moving, archiving, guiding, and cleaning.  You are simply incredible!
I have to say I was so impressed with how efficiently our team executed the move.  Ashley coordinated all legal and infrastructure details superbly.  Amy kept her cheerful encouraging demeanor no matter how tough it got… all the while making sure her project work was done!  Michael was the packing ring-leader, encouraging us to pack a little each day for the last few months—also amidst his project work.  Tom was wonderful to make special trips to drop off artwork and return a special piece while ensuring he kept on top of marketing when the rest of us couldn’t. Thank you Andy for your dedication in working over the long weekend and setting up ALL our workstations so that we are fully operational by Tuesday!  Outstanding!
Together we embrace these exciting days that lay ahead as we continue to help people tell their stories from our new location and around the world!