Oregon Voices: Change and Challenge in Modern Oregon History


Wow, it’s been a big spring so far!

We’re very excited to announce our latest opening, Oregon Voices: Change and Challenge in Modern Oregon History at the Oregon Historical Society

This 4,000 sq. ft. permanent exhibit opened to the public June 6, 2012.  The exhibit is a multimedia rich exploration and celebration of contemporary life in Oregon today.  Topics range from the differences between Urban and Rural Oregonians, changing neighborhoods, tensions around utilizing the State’s natural resources, culture, food, economic growth and poverty.

A big thanks go out to Marsha Matthews, Director of Museum Services and her excellent team at OHS for all their efforts in making this project a reality.

Andre & Associates Interpretation & Design Ltd. was responsible for all aspects of design and interpretation for this exhibit and were also proud to serve as the General Contractor for exhibit fabrication.

We were fortunate to work with a dream team of talented individuals to produce this exhibit including:
Dr. Steven Dow Beckham – Curator
Sockeye – Media Production
Larry Johnson – Media Director
3DS-Three Dimensional Services – Exhibit Fabrication
Delta AV – Media Integration
Infinity Images – Graphic Production
Carl & Simone Schlichting – Mountmaking

Below are a few sample shots, but be sure and check out this full album of exhibit photos.



Introduction Theater styled after the iconic TriMet Transit MAX cars



Urban Renewal display featuring interactive screens and artifacts from a salon run out of a basement in an African American neighbourhood.



View of Children’s Area stage and the impressive control panel of the now demolished Trojan nuclear reactor.



Not Everyone’s Paradise – This exhibit explores a number of thorny social issues facing both rural and urban Oregon.



Marsha’s Market educates young and old alike on the business of producing and selling food in Oregon.



The Tensions Between Communities showcase looks at a number of flash points in modern history where ideologies clashed and tensions boiled over.



The Culture & Industry Theater features two different productions that the visitor can select from.