Amy Willson Wonder Woman!


Jean Jacques Shares a Word…

Amy Willson Wonder Woman!

It has been said that in some very rare instances I may tend to exaggerate to emphasize a certain situation or quality. Not in this case. I have known, worked with, taught, and collaborated on many projects in these past eight years with Amy. Very few employees in my nearly sixty years career in Museum Design have shown the rare qualities and work ethic Amy has given while working for Bianca’s Company.

Rare simply because there are many.

At first her search and studies to fulfill the requirements to become an intern and apprentice show a dedication and hard work which was a first sign of what she was going to accomplish during the following years. Accomplish she did, with passion, with enthusiasm, with intelligence. Experience developed her creative talents. She has also shown her uncanny ability to learn and understand quickly.

What a joy as a teacher and designer to exchange ideas, collaborate, criticize, admire, praise, and for me to accept new eyes on problem solving. Add to this her insatiable craving and drive for hard work, and to be “swamped” in projects.

To top it all her enthusiasm, cheerful attitude, and (from my experience) never a complaint or a negative stance. When I add it all up I could not think of a more suitable name than Amy Willson Wonder Woman. Merci Amy.

—Jean Jacques André, O.B.C.
Founder of André & Associates Interpretation and Design Ltd.


Joan Remembers…

Amy Willson.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with Amy on the layout, production, and printing of two of my books. Amy did the work quickly and efficiently, grasping exactly what I needed to have done, and providing a creative input to the job.

In all the time I have known Amy she has shown a cheerful, willing attitude towards whatever the job required, and the business as a whole.

With her creative abilities I know she will do well in her new endeavors, and I wish her the very best wherever life leads her.

—Joan E. André
Co-founder of André & Associates Interpretation and Design Ltd.