42 Years Ago Today British Columbia Provincial Museum (BCPM) Opens History Gallery!


Jean Jacques sent a note today to remind us all that 42 years ago today the Modern History Gallery at the then BCPM opened to the public. Now the Royal British Columbia Museum, the exhibits have stood the test of time. Congratulations to Jean Jacques and the “Dream Team!”



An original invitation to the opening



The Entrance to the Modern History Gallery Opening Day, July 7, 1972



A photo of Jean Jacques and the amazing exhibits team (taken a little after the opening of the Modern History Gallery)


This posting will morph and change in the days to come as we add a little more to celebrate the people that created the Royal BC Museum’s permanent exhibits in the 1970s and 80s.

Please add your stories to our blog. What was it like working at the Museum in those days? What was it like to be a visitor when the Modern History Gallery first opened? We’d love to know how the exhibits impacted you.