Wanapum Journey of Design and Fabrication: Introduction Gallery


The oral tradition remains strong in the title of the exhibit, “Tamanawit: Unwritten Laws and Beliefs”, and the Introduction Gallery highlights the basaltic landscape with pictographs, plants and hidden animals; through water lighting effect, and bird song, the natural atmosphere is heightened and an audio visual, back-projected on a circular drumhead, shows the Wanapum past and present. They are in their element. They are The River People. Many brains and hands were at work to create this gallery, from concept to completion, instigated, designed and coordinated by the Wanapum and André and Associates.

Wall colors were inspired by Wanapum traditional colors and by the colors of the surrounding landscape.

The multimedia system design and special effects were created, installed and programmed by Chris Sia, CPS Electronics Ltd. All exhibit lighting was designed and created by CPS Electronics and André & Associates. All graphics throughout the exhibits were designed by André and Associates with the Wanapum team, printed by Infinity Images, and installed by Formations Inc. The two back-lit graphics were printed, fabricated and installed by Niche Design.

The rock wall itself was fabricated and installed by Niche design and the animals hidden amongst the rocks were sculpted by Nathan Scott and Fred Dobbs of Sculpture by Nathan Scott.

Animals: Nathan Scott and Fred Dobbs of Sculpture By Nathan Scott; painted by Martin Rosnowski of Niche Design LLC




Coyote and Eagle take shape in Nathan Scott’s studio


Rock wall, plants, pictographs and drum structure: Maroo Nahikian and Martin Rosnowski of Niche Design LLC; Frank Smekar of Creative Display Installations Inc; and Brad Sickmeyer of Scenic Creations



Maroo marks rock casting site




To Scale full size mocked-up Introduction Wall at Niche Design Studio




On-site actual conditions and start of rock install by Martin Roznowski and Frank Smekar



L-R Martin Roznowski, Tyler Finney, and Frank Smekar seam and detail the rock




Marty Roznowski adds petroglyphs and Coyote



Frank Smekar touching up




Niche team finessing the details bringing full realism to the rock wall



Many thanks to Marookeh Nahikian, Frank Smekar and Martin Roznowski and the rest of the Niche team that brought the Introduction area of the Wanapum Heritage Center to life.


Specialized Lighting and Soundscape (hardware and software): Christopher and Alexandra Sia of CPS Electronics

Media Production: Andy Farrell, Tom Palfrey, and Bianca Message of André and Associates