Wanapum Journey of Design and Fabrication: Tule Mat Lodge


Perhaps one of the most important structures for the Wanapum, it was built by them from tules they harvested and sewed together, in a particular configuration, with rodent-repelling hemp string that they collected and made to form the mats that cover the structure and serve as bedding within it. This continuance of a tradition ensures that the younger Wanapum do not lose the knowledge or the realization of the importance of such a structure which would house both people and their ceremonial activities.



Tule Mat Lodge Under Construction



Bianca Surveys Progress



Stove Installed



Close to Being Completed



Photo-mural Installation Completed



Tule mat Installation Complete



Mold for Horse in Nathan’s Studio



Installation of Horse



Fixing it Down



Chris of CPS Adding the Sound Zone


The entrance to the lodge faces east, a tradition that allows the suns rays to penetrate into the lodge, and this effect has been simulated here. The view from the lodge toward the diorama is one of the most compelling and stunning views in the exhibit. Outside the lodge stands the figure of a horse, the ownership and use of which was, and still is, a corner-stone to the existence and survival of the Wanapum.

Hard-packed earth floor and stone: Niche Design
Aging of stove and chimney: Creative Display Installations inc
Reader Rail: Formations Inc. and CPS Electronics Ltd.
Horse: Sculpture By Nathan Scott
Horse Specialty Mount: In Support of Difficult Art and Artifacts, Three Dimensional Services Ltd
Specialized Lighting Effects: CPS Electronics Ltd