Wanapum Journey of Design and Fabrication: Change and Adaptation


Living in two worlds is the challenge for the Wanapum. They strive to take the best within their community and the world outside and blend the two together. Outside influences can be dangerous to cultural identity and to individual lives. They can also be forces for good. Or they can be both good and bad depending on how they are utilized. The truck and car supplement and eventually replace the horse in daily activities. An interactive audio-visual shows the extent of the Wanapum homeland and how it has been overlaid by all manner of modern intrusions. Behind a glass wall etched with traditional images of the brothers and sisters is an alcove where chairs and Ipads allow the visitor to hear personal thoughts expressed by individual Wanapum based on the theme of living in two worlds. A showcase holds contemporary electronic devices and the paraphernalia of modern life, everyday items, keys, credit cards, some from the new and old world, some modified with Wanapum designs.



3DS Installing Etched Glass Wall



3DS Team Preparing the Truck



Glass Wall Close to Completion



Andy Tweaks the Lighting



John Gower of 3DS does final Tweaks



Rebuilding the Truck Bed



Installing the Rails



The Truck Replaces the Horse



Yuri from Formations gets the Lettering Right



Maroo from Niche Design fitting the Back Lighted Graphics



Transforming the Recycled Showcases a combined effort from 3DS and Formations Inc.



The Finished Product


Artifact Mounts: In Support of Difficult Art and Artifacts
Specialized Lighting Effects (including interactive hardware/software): CPS Electronics Ltd
iPad Mounts: Niche Design
Backlit Graphic: Niche Design and CPS Electronics Ltd.
Interactive Media Productions: André and Associates Interpretation and Design Ltd.
Horse: Sculpture By Nathan Scott
Truck: 3DS Three Dimensional Services, Ltd
Refurbished Showcase: Prep work: Formations Inc.; Specialty Finish: 3DS Three Dimensional Services, Ltd