Aspen Historical Society


Aspen, Colorado

Scope of Work:

Storyline Development, Exhibit Master Plan and Conceptual Design and Fundraising Package.



Exhibit Area:

10,000 sq. ft.

"It’s only a beginning, but it’s an inspirational concept that has excited all of us on the board. Anything is possible and with the direction of exhibit designer J.J. André we will end up with the finest museum of its kind anywhere!"

–Rick Newton, Board Director
Our task was to develop a hub interpretive center at the Lift One Site to present the history of Aspen, from the time of the Ute Indians to the present day. The hub will also motivate visitors to explore satellite historic sites in the Aspen vicinity, including the Holden-Marolt Ranch, the Wheeler/Stallard House, and the ghost towns of Ashcroft and Independence. We developed the Exhibit Master Plan and Conceptual Design and consulted on the installation of audiovisual elements at the Ranch.