Canadian Coal Discovery Centre


Sparwood, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Master Planning, Logo Design, Fundraising Package, Conceptual, Schematic and Detailed Design.

Project Budget:



Fall 2006

Exhibit Area:

12,000 sq. ft.

“The Coal Discovery Centre is vital to preserving the heritage of the coal mining industry while providing a learning opportunity for residents and visitors. This Centre is exactly what the Canada-BC Infrastructure Program is all about, helping BC municipalities build vibrant and sustainable communities."

–Honourable Stephen Owen, Minister of Western Economic Diversification and Minister of State (Sport).
An immersive visitor experience compelling visitors to better understand where coal comes from and the importance of its history in British Columbia. Deep Time: Coal Formation.

Heavy supports frame the dark, slightly forbidding, mysterious entrance to an earth and rock walled corridor. The visitor enters, almost hunching beneath the seeming weight of eons of time, into a low-lighted recreation of the stratified rock-faced corridor that will lead to coal formation. To the right, a recreated strata identifies the evolution and ranking of coal. To the left, an image of the cretaceous jungle; above, embedded in the rock are the bones of a dinosaur. Suddenly the roar and hiss of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is triggered by a motion sensor. Straight ahead glimmers a wall of fascinating ammonites and fossils, next to an exhibit on geology.