Cowichan Valley Museum and Archives

Asian Canadian Exhibit


Duncan, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Design, Installation, Multimedia production

Project Budget:

Donation / Internship


April 2017





Exhibit Area:

100 sq. ft.

I feel that our museum is on a wonderful collaborative journey with Andre & Associates and that the fruition of our work together will culminate in a transformed museum that truly will be responsive to our communities’ needs.
–Kathryn Gagnon, Curator/Manager
Phase 1:
We are working with Kathryn Gagnon and her staff on the initial phase of a revamp and upgrading of current permanent exhibits.
Cowichan Valley immigration stories are shown and told via artifacts and a video in a small gallery, in the Duncan Train Station, now the home of the Cowichan Valley Museum and Archives.
Both the exhibit and video are titled Do You Remember Me? and were developed with Intern Alexandra Sia and our team.
Housed in a small space it has a big emotional impact in detailing, in a straightforward, unflinching manner, the history of immigrants to the Cowichan Valley and how they contributed to the larger community despite considerable setbacks.
The unique attributes of the community of Paldi, no longer in existence, is featured, as are individuals up to today who have made a positive difference.
Poignant, personal mementoes surround the video monitor and flesh out the issues addressed on-screen.