Forest Learning Center

Charles W. Bingham


Mount St. Helens, Washington

Scope of Work:

Interpretive Phase to Fabrication and Installation.

Project Budget:

$500,000. USD


May 2000


Heartwood Joinery


JJ André Associates Ltd. in conjunction with CPS Electronics, Rocket Pictures, Star Studios, Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Exhibit Area:

1,500 sq. ft. / 139 sq. m.

“Twenty years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens that destroyed 68,000 acres of its forest land, Weyerhaeuser Company is opening a new exhibit at the Mount St. Helens Forest Learning Center to commemorate the rebirth of the forest surrounding the blast zone.”

–Weyerhaeuser Press Release
Weyerhaeuser asked us to develop new themes around the managed forest. They also asked to redesign an existing gallery to work physically, thematically and aesthetically, as the conclusion and complement to an exhibit sequence designed by another firm. A further challenge was to pick up the thread of the replanted eruption landscape and expand on the current forest practices that guide the company. The desire was to do this in such a way as to define what the managed private forest is, as opposed to publicly owned forest, and to present an informed view of past and present forest practices. Historic quotations were used to give a broader context and provoke thought, and text panels included real questions and comments made by previous Learning Center visitors.