Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Story


Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong

Scope of Work:

Master Planning, Interpretive Planning, Concept, Schematic and Detailed Design, Graphic Design, supervision of Fabrication and Installation.

Project Budget:

$25,000,000 USD


August 2001


E. Verner Johnson and Associates, Inc., P & T Architects


PICO Hong Kong


Salon Films

Exhibit Area:

80,000 sq. ft.

“On the 3rd April, 2002, a new high attendance of 12,000 was recorded. We are absolutely thrilled by some of the remarks left by visitors...”
–Joseph Ting, Director, Hong Kong Museum of History, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
The museum’s sweeping scope encompasses the story of the land and the people of Hong Kong, from 400 million years ago to June 1997. Our design creates a scientifically and histrionically accurate, dramatic and immersive visitor experience, a rock tunnel, theatre in an underground cavern, glowing magma beneath the glass floor, including a pulsing magma tube. We recreated various elements from Hong Kong’s past, including three types of forests, a Chinese Junk, a Han Tomb, a Punti House, Small Temple, Ancestral Hall, underground bunker, 1960’s movie theatre and trade fair. We also recreated a Hakka House, Pak Tai Temple Exterior, Cantonese Opera Stage and numerous other festival structures. The major set piece is a recreation of a Hong Kong street and harbour-front with reproductions of actual buildings, exteriors and interiors, from the 1890’s through to the 1940’s including sounds of the busy street.