Lake Louise Visitor Reception Centre


Lake Louise, Alberta

Scope of Work:

Exhibit Interpretive Planning, Concept, Schematic and Detailed Design, Graphic Design, supervision of Fabrication and Installation.

Project Budget:





Gibbs Gage Partnership, Architecture & Urban Design


PML Exhibit Services


Tinsel Media Productions Ltd.

Exhibit Area:

9,419 sq. ft.

The project challenge was to design exhibits for an information and interpretive centre to appeal to tourists and outdoor enthusiasts interpreting the formation of the Rocky Mountains and outdoor interpretive trail they could experience. The story is told without
the use of artifacts Three recreated environments interpret the geological processes that created the Rocky Mountains. One depicts the erosion of the Canadian Shield millions of years ago. The second shows the deposition of the mass of sediment that became the building material of the Rocky Mountains. The third, uplift, is celebrated in a highlight by a multimedia presentation showing the forces which pushed, folded and forced the creation of the Rocky Mountains.