Maritime Museum of British Columbia


Victoria, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Master Planning, Interpretive Planning, Concept, Schematic and Detailed Design, Graphic Design, supervision of Fabrication and Installation.

Project Budget:



October 1998


Hermann Otto Tiedmann


Heartwood Joinery

Exhibit Area:

3,290 sq. ft / 306 sq. m.

“Everyone has been most impressed with your staff, their creativity and dedication to the project. I realize they were asked to work with a disparate group of people, all of whom had something important to say from their point of view. Your associates were able to listen and distill their contributions and come up with a storyline that was logical and interesting to the viewer.”

–Janet M. Baird, President MMBC Society
We first created a Master Plan and Conceptual Design for the 12,000 square feet of exhibits. Then, working closely with the client assisting in fundraising, we were able to develop and fabricate the Adventure Gallery.

The challenge was to create world-class exhibits on a very tight budget while keeping the integrity of the historic building that contained them. We continue to provide assistance and work with the Maritime Museum as advisors.