Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center


Fairbanks, Alaska

Scope of Work:

Fundraising, Community Consultation, Interpretive Planning and Conceptual, Schematic and Detailed Design, Fabrication and Installation supervision.

Project Budget:

$4,050,000 USD


June 2012


Bettisworth North Architects


Beck Interiors


Richard Lewis Media Group

Exhibit Area:

9,000 sq. ft.

“Without hesitation, I give much of the credit for the success of our exhibits to the AAID team. The themes and stories told in the exhibits are ours, but it was AAID that helped us dig deep within ourselves to find those stories. Once the themes were on paper, it was AAID’s creativity, professional expertise, and passion for excellence that helped us translate those stories into meaningful and authentic exhibits.”

–Cindy Schumaker, Project Director
Envisioned as a combined facility for a world class visitor center interpreting public lands, and Athabascan culture - this Center is a public and private partnership. We worked closely with the Tanana Chiefs Conference, the Alaska Public Lands & Information Center (APLIC), and the Alaska Visitors Bureau to interpret the cultural and natural history of Alaska’s interior as a “gateway” project. It is dedicated to providing education and access to the natural, cultural and historical resources of Interior Alaska. This includes 42 Alaskan Native villages along the great rivers.

Exhibits focus on the vital relationship of the people with the land. Not bound by chronology, they reveal the “real” interior Alaska, where people survive on the land and have a very deep emotional attachment to it, both in the past and still today.