Pangnirtung (Angmarlik) Visitor Centre


Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Scope of Work:

From Interpretive Planning to Design Development.

Project Budget:




Exhibit Area:

1,916 sq. ft. / 178 sq. m.

“The ...Centre functions as a community museum, library and elder’s centre. Displays represent traditional Inuit and whaling life in Cumberland Sound. Elders are often present during the afternoon, either playing cards, knitting or just reminiscing with each other. You may have an opportunity to chat with some of them, if the staff are free to act as interpreters. ”

–The Nunavut Parks
Although the building is small in size, the setting is spectacular. View to the dramatic vista is provided to link the landscape to the story of the people able to adapt to this hostile and barren landscape. This centre was developed to serve the community and the visitor to Auyuittuq National Park. A purpose built Elders room, library and research centre provides for local needs while easy access to secure collection storage with the exhibit enables a large audience to see much of the collection.