Royal British Columbia Museum

Coastal Waters Gallery


Victoria, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Interpretive Planning, Concept and Schematic Phase, Fundraising (Physical Model and Visualizations).
Departing from traditional presentation methods, this gallery design offers dramatic examples of marine life on the coast.

Project Budget:

$6.5 million USD



Exhibit Area:

10,000 sq. ft.

"Jean Jacques André is a star in the world of museum designers. During 20 years in Victoria British Columbia, he made its provincial museum a place visitors babble about weeks after they’ve seen it. He nurtured a new vision in museums, and his dioramas, rich in sound and light, became world famous."

–Rick Rubin, Sunday Oregonian, Northwest Magazine
There is a special emphasis on biodiversity and human interaction with the environment and how to resolve or improve existing environmental problems. Interactive study stations were designed as an integral method of interpretation, both within the exhibit experience and in specific lab areas designated for wet work. The project was put on hold at the end of the Schematic Phase.