Royal British Columbia Museum

Natural History Gallery: Living Land, Living Sea


Victoria, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Interpretive Plan, Design, Fabrication and Installation, Multimedia Concept, Direction and Production.




In-house exhibits team


Museum staff, CPS Electronics

Exhibit Area:

18,000 sq. ft. / 1,672 sq. m.

"The British Columbia Provincial Museum in Victoria is a place that transports you through time, where illusion and reality mingle to create an environment of the senses. In this place, sights, sounds, textures and even smells are ingeniously combined to draw you into concepts of space and time, where you move effortlessly through ages and epochs. You stroll through a lush coastal forest. Giant firs tower above you and the fragrance of salal is everywhere."
–Westworld Magazine
Four major forest types are represented in a circular, open diorama. Programmed lighting, audio and image ‘projection on a circular dome overhead provides a multiplicity of interpretive experiences within a relatively small floor area. Through the Coast Forest tree barrier, the visitor can see and approach the seashore diorama.

This is a 90 ft long, open diorama representing, in smooth transition, key intertidal habitats along the B.C. Coast: rocky, cave, sound, exposed rock and cliff. The diorama includes a “live” tidal pool with sea water and a cross section of living specimens.