Trans Alta Centennial Exhibit


Calgary, Alberta

Scope of Work:

Preliminary Interpretive Development, Planning, Conceptual and Schematic Design, Multimedia, Concepts and Storyboards, Fabrication Supervision.

Project Budget:



April 2012
As part of its centennial celebrations, Canada’s oldest investor owned utility created a mini-museum in the lobby of its headquarter’s building in Calgary. Formed in 1911, it was originally called Calgary Power. The utility grew from its roots in Alberta to become a multi-national provider of electricity and is proud of its heritage. The displays in its lobby used artifacts in a display case, stories and images and a timeline to tell the tale of the little utility that made good. A touch-screen television allows the visitor to choose from parts of the story. And two changeable displays at the end of the exhibit provide a way for communications staff to regularly update the TransAlta story.