Vancouver Maritime Museum


Vancouver, British Columbia

Scope of Work:

Fundraising material including Interpretive Plan, Conceptual Design and Renderings.

Project Budget:



May 2003

Exhibit Area:

40,000 sq.ft.

“The process you led us through was smooth, professional and inspirational... and the renderings are breathtaking. Those drawing, when unveiled at our... fundraiser, excited tremendous interest and support, and will be the key to the success of the vision.”
–James P. Delgado, FRGS, RPA, Executive Director
We developed conceptual design floor plans and renderings as part of a successful fundraising package. As well as telling the history and prehistory of British Columbia’s Coast, part of the storyline included a look beneath the waves at the unique environment, the deep ocean, and human exploration of the deep including the search for lost ships. An interactive wet lab is a key element of this design concept and gives the hands-on opportunity to examine artifacts salvaged from ship wrecks and reinforces the importance of careful stewardship of the oceans resources.