Wanapum Dam Heritage Center


Beverly, Washington

Scope of Work:

Interpretation and Concept, Schematic Phase, Graphic Design, Supervision of Fabrication.

Project Budget:





Alder Custom Woodworking

Exhibit Area:

2,100 sq. ft. / 195 sq. m.

"...it's beautiful, Rennie..."
–Angela Buck
The history of the Wanapum people, non-Treaty Indians, is an astounding story of survival. The Columbia River lies at the heart of the story and, in an unexpected way, has helped them to prevail.

We were asked to modify and update the exhibits while retaining popular elements, to alter the flow, tone, and points of emphasis within the storyline, and to retain the essence of the original message content. Our approach was to show the Wanapum world-view in relation to the land, the river, the dam, and the early settlers – and to keep within a limited budget by reusing exhibit components wherever possible.