Wanapum Heritage Center


Priest Rapids, Washington

Scope of Work:

Community Consultation, Interpretive Planning and Conceptual, Schematic and Detailed Design, Fabrication, Fabrication and Installation supervision and coordination.

Project Budget:

$20,000,000 USD


August 2015




In-house exhibits team, Niche Designs LLC, 3DS Three Dimensional Services


Museum staff, CPS Electronics

Exhibit Area:

10,000 sq. ft

"The kids the children have taken ownership and they feel proud and just love it... Yes the Wanapum Heritage Center and the Wanapum story are fulfilling the promise."

–Angela Buck, Director Wanapum Heritage Center
We have worked for many years with the Wanapum people. On our journey together we have supported and encouraged them to speak of their lives, beliefs, traditions, spirituality and history. As natural storytellers their words shine through to communicate thoughts about the past, the present, the future, and about their understanding of the world around them. It has been a long journey, with many starts and stops along the way. And it has offered us the opportunity to dig deeper and learn more and to understand better. Our belief is affirmed that we can learn much from each other and that such intensive, longstanding communication results in an exhibit that rewards many visitations. Most importantly, the exhibits will serve as a kind of Elder that can provide guidance for generations to come.