World Forestry Center


Portland, Oregon

Scope of Work:

Exhibit Interpretive Planning and Schematic Design.

Project Budget:



June 2005


John Storrs and Associates Architects, Church & Merrill Architects, P.C.

Exhibit Area:

15,000 sq. ft. / 1,393.5 sq. m.

The concept approach reflected the then mandate to examine the forests of the world; from the Devonian period to the present; from a single seed to a tree, and to examine the cultural uses of tree products. The following components were part of the plan. An open, 60-foot diorama depicting the earliest forest type known to humans, the carboniferous forest. A pool of water, fed by a waterfall, contains a subtly animated submerged creature. Replicated extinct plant life is interspersed with live plant specimens that survived from the Carboniferous age to the present. Basic tree biology is explained through Pepper’s Ghost effects combined with video.