Our team at André & Associates has a passion for mentoring and teaching. We have had an active internship program for more than a decade. Generally our internship projects are a three-way collaboration with the student, AAID team, and a local institution.

We work with universities and colleges and design schools to determine their curricular needs. Then we guide the interns, creating a “real project” for their portfolios while helping a local non-profit society or small business, most of which tend to have tight budgets.

Our internships can be set up as directed studies or as part of a student’s curriculum. We work with instructors and professors to ensure students have clear direction and guidance with measureable outcomes and pre-established check points. Interns earn valuable work experience and gain access to our museum professionals who share their skills and expertise. We work with the student to build their skill set, their portfolio, and their confidence.

While the intern gains access to our years of experience in the field of exhibit design, the local non-profit or artisanal business is also in a position to benefit greatly. The local exhibitor receives valuable design assistance and experience, plus an extra set of hands put to work to help them complete a desired project or piece of work that will enhance their displays. This can, at times, be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant to do the entire job.

If you are interested in learning more about our internship program, or are interested in applying to be an intern with André & Associates, please send us an email at