The “WHY”

At André & Associates, we believe that the secret to our success and longevity is always remembering why we do what we do. Why are we in the exhibit design business? Why do we keep going? Why do former clients continue to call us back when they are ready to upgrade or expand their exhibitions?

From choosing which projects to get involved in through working on designs with clients, it always comes back to our “WHY”.

Our “WHY” consists of the following key truths:

  • We want to listen and understand and convey other’s points of view in the most memorable, life-changing way possible
  • We want to empower individuals to realize and recognize their potential and enable them to achieve it
  • We want to assist in promoting reconciliation and healing for indigenous peoples
  • We want to provide an impact on individuals more than on the masses
  • We want to help give a voice to those who don’t have one
  • We want to be involved in teaching each other to see
  • We want to capture history while we can
“We believe that each Museum should have it’s own individuality, it’s own speciality and it’s own uniqueness. It’s exhibits must trigger interest and excitement in the visitor. Emotion, participation, stimulation and inspiration. To seek a greater understanding of the world and it’s people around us – that is our goal.”
– Jean Jacques André
Founder, André & Associates Ltd.