Areas of Expertise & Experience in Exhibit Design

André and Associates is an interpretive planning and design firm experienced in all aspects of the development of museums, interpretive, cultural and visitor centres. We specialize in creating a total visitor experience. Our completed projects range from small local special interest cultural and interpretive centres to large international museums that encompass many disciplines.

Project Administration

  • Project Management
  • Budget/Estimating and Project Tracking
  • On-going Client Education (when required)
  • Student and Internship Training

Exhibit Master Planning

  • Interpretive Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Stakeholder and Audience Analysis and Evaluation
  • Public Programming and Web based applications for museums/social media


  • Digital model walkthroughs
  • Highly detailed physical models
  • Logo development
  • Hand drawn perspective renderings
  • Presentations to communities and primary stake – holders
  • Promotional video productions

Schematic Design

  • Interpretive Writing
  • Research (Geology, Paleontology, Natural History, Local History, First Nations History, and more)
  • Collections Management and Coordination
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio Visual and Media Design
  • Gesture and Interactive Technology
  • Lighting Design

Design Development and Detailing

  • CAD construction drawings
  • High and low tech interactive prototyping and development
  • LEED® accredited designers

Fabrication and Installation Supervision

  • Specialty mount makers
  • Conservation specialists
  • Diorama foreground and background specialists
  • Media production and installation
  • Staff, warranty, and maintenance training
  • Lighting and special effects
  • Graphic and three dimensional production
  • Mannequins
  • Taxidermy
  • Original Art (ie sculpture, paintings, photography, etc.)

Post Project Services

(We cherish long-term relationships)

  • Exhibit Review and Evaluation
  • Graphic updates
  • Lighting and Media upgrades
  • Permanent and Temporary Exhibit Upgrade Consultation, Design and Execution
  • Conversion of older CAD files